Custom orders are produced overseas and once a custom order has entered production and moved to ‘In Production’ status all costs of production have been incurred and therefore a cancellation is no longer possible and balance paid cannot be refunded. If a cancelled order contains a voucher, this voucher is considered void and will not be reinstated. If an order is cancelled from which a voucher was generated, the refund amount will be adjusted accordingly.

The custom order lead time is an all encompassing 10 – 20 weeks, please note that production and delivery lead times are estimates. In the unlikely case of a custom order exceeding 24 weeks from the date of the payment, the customer has the right to cancel the custom order for a full refund or the deposit.

Once a custom order has been submitted there are no guarantees that they are able to be modified. Charges may apply to approve any production modifications.

If the customer is unable to take delivery of the order’s item within 15 days of being contacted that the items are ready to ship, warehouse storage charges will be applied to the customer. If the customer is unreachable by phone and/or email, unable, or unwilling to take delivery of the items after 15 days of our effort to inform the customer of delivery, the customer forfeits the non-refundable deposit paid and we have full discretion on how the order’s items are to be handled.