It wouldnt have happened the same way if that change wasnt going on. But to truly make something go, youve got to give a part of who you are and what you do. Born and raised in the Boston suburb of Norwell, Tedeschi was influenced by the Mississippi John Hurt and Lightnin Hopkins records in her dads vinyl collection and the gospel music of the black Baptist churches she attended. In a way, it feels like the first definitive statement this band has put on tape. I would always have a second amplifier upstairs being recorded for some extra room sound. A lot of times, me and Bobby T [longtime TTB recording engineer and road manager Bobby Tis] would experiment, he says. Stepping away has worked out well for Oteil, I know hes in a better place not having to wear multiple hats. We go and do laundry together. I started thinking about how there were so many players Id love to play with. Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Warren Hayes, David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas and Chris Stainton - Space Captain, 2016 You can bring it down to a pin drop, They are going to take you to a higher place, and we all lift each other musically. I've had my 93 American Standard Tele since, well, 93. Taking musical cues from Delaney and Bonnie, Derek and the . It is a beautiful thing when you are actually hearing the birth of the song. Clapton is more tucked in. ?, Ill be intimidated at first but then Ill go, Yes, Im gonna do this! MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Is that something you see? And you do not need to listen too closely to get the message. Not everybody can do that, and not just do it but do it with grace, and fluidity, and with perfect intonation, and to go places rhythmically with the band, to push the drummer, to push the bass player, and its really cool that we can show that on these records. [E G A D B] Chords for Susan Tedeschi~(Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean with Key, BPM, and easy-to-follow letter notes in sheet. SUSAN TEDESCHI When we started recording and putting the songs up on the board, we realized that there was way more material than one record's worth. Made Up Mind has an upbeat gospel attitude with a badass groove and a crunchy, fat guitar riff. Sometimes Derek is tucked away in those pretty lines, and theyre really beautiful, and other times its like a big ol semi truck coming at you. TTB has had previous with Nizami, albeit at a remove. That was fun. Who most influenced your decision to play guitar? Then, while still dealing with the loss of their dear friend, Covid put a hard stop to the entire music industry. There is space to not play, and that is rare because it is hard to get such a large ensemble not least one with that shared understanding. What about the 335 you use in the studio? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I learned on those and I had a blond dot-neck reissue 335. King. The 1997 recording sessions produced by Tom Hambridge were acquired by Richard Rosenblatt for his indie label Tone-Cool Records. Being so young, did you recognize the difference in the feel and quality of that guitar? But, musically, we have a lot of different influences and a lot of sensibilities that we have in common. I do enjoy doing that., While sticking to tones with plenty of vintage vibe, Trucks explores a bit more. You dont know what is going to move you at the time.. Fronted by Susan Tedeschi and her guitar prodigy husband Derek Trucks, former slide guitarist for the Allman Brothers, the Tedeschi Trucks Band is a musical conglomerate, taking two established solo musicians and their respective bands and creating a 12-piece ensemble. By clicking Subscribe, I agree to receive exclusive offers & promotions, news & reviews, and personalized tips for buying and selling on Reverb. At 12:32 in this video Susan talks about her "D'Angelico New Yorker.". I used it for a long time, so they did a version of that. The Tedeschi Trucks Band powerhouse is a star in her own right. Its a pretty amazing guitar. BA1 1UA. We track with the core of the band. In your mind, what kind of music it? Ive always had the reissue, and its awesome, but And then, my birth-year Strat, 1970, and theyre sometimes hard to find and can be expensive. Theyre beautiful and I love the story and the way it sounds. But I always thought of it as *my* Telecaster, not Susan Tedeschi's. Thats when I realized that we were onto something, and once you have that solid base, you can start thinking about other things. In 1993 or 94 I bought a 64 Deluxe Reverb and to this day its my favorite. Now we're sharing the same dream. When youre in a band this big at first it was nine pieces, now its 11 youre playing for the songs, playing for the music, instead of playing to show off. It leaves it up to the interpretation of the listener what it means to you. People understand that artists re-create themselves all the time; if you dont, things get stale, she added. After the loss of Kofi and Covid, we felt like we needed to hard reset to figure out where we were, Trucks observes. If I dont agree with something, we talk about it. And, everybodys a lot of fun! Even though we werent together we were together, like you and I right now, at least we can see each other and communicate, and that is just so important. Facebook; Twitter; x. When Gabe wrote the song I Am The Moon I was like, How do you know woman so well? Literally, that song got me through the pandemic, People just go insane without each other, they really do, so there were a lot of parallels with the real world, as well as relationship things that you can totally relate to on many different levels. Girls, we can do it! Because it is such a guys world and it is nice to see all these young girls out there playing guitar and ripping it, like really good. I mean, I am already not the guitar player Derek is on top of it but it is harder to play, its heavier, but it has such great tone and it just has balls. Idle Wind we wrote with Gary Louris, of the Jayhawks, and once the band played it, it became a different song. Its all the music weve digested up to this point, all the music weve played. Susan Tedeschi on her guitar dynamics with Derek Trucks, the Tedeschi Trucks Band's gift for improv, and the eternal poetry behind their breathtaking quadruple album I Am The Moon . If you want to order a CS tele made especially for you, I'm pretty sure you don't have to research susans color yourself. Yeah. In any band, its difficult and you have to make sure it stays on the right path, but this is a bigger task than anything I ever been a part of. Probably One Way Out or something, but Im not sure. Yeah, but in the studio I take more liberties. It is about giving your significant other what they need. ; The best places to look for gear usage are typically on the artist's social media, YouTube, live performance images, and interviews. In its later stages, the DTB adopted a stronger blues/soul feel. Add to Cart. The two married in 01 and soon began touring as the Soul Stew Revival. And that, explains Tedeschi, made for a lot of music, opportunities for the band to stretch out, to explore the various influences that are brought to bear on their sound, and to make something bigger. Collaborations have rendered some of the greatest tunes in the history of music. Its about making something people can take what they need from it. That freedom also applies to Trucks solos. Price $289.00. Its influenced by my group, by Susans bands, years on the road with the Allman Brothers, the things J.J. has done, my time with Eric Clapton. Yeah, its the only way. Susan Tedeschi using ther B.B. weve been working on an updated version. Featured in this promotional graphic from Analog Alien's official website. We would play it, and I would write a verse. By Matt Owen published 27 July 22. 25. Its a great-sounding instrument. Then maybe theres six of us in a room and well add the horns later, and the singers, because it is hard to get the whole 12-piece in there. Ive been playing the Strat every day. Yeah, I have a really nice 61 that I love, and not too long ago I got Johnny Jenkins old SG, the one he played on Otis Reddings These Arms of Mine. He broke its headstock at the Atlanta Pop Festival, and I think Capricorn Records bought the guitar from him, had it fixed, and it was in Savannah, Georgia, for years. Did you have a good amp right away something to adequately complement the three electrics? We were a little bit shocked at how well it went. Like on Pasaquan, it switches on a dime and you end up deep with a sort of 70s Harlem vibe. Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi were married for 10 years before deciding to form a band together. I dont think you can learn it, its either there or its not. Well, I suggested Falcon, who some people know as Tyler Greenwell (laughs), the drummer Ive been playing with, because hes wonderful versatile and I love the way he plays behind a singer, hes sensitive to that and very easy to work with. Trucks primary instrument for I Am the Moon was the fourth prototype for the Gibson Custom Shops Dickey Betts SG VOS. Eric has written for both records, and he started to write that song during the first record but there werent words until he got together with a friend. GP Presents Bill Frisell May 4-7 in San Francisco, CA Win Tickets. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited. Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging.Learn More. So, Ive always loved the idea of having Mike being a part of this. So, we called some of my favorites. And not just for me but for all the girls out there! Its part of the Allman Brothers/Capricorn/Duane/Otis Redding lore. Made in Korea. Were you a little freaked out? I would plug into the Leslie quite a bit, too, for certain overdubs or a song like Circles Round the Sun. It think that song is my guitar going through my Deluxe and an actual Leslie, which is a pretty great sound. And that is the thing about this project, there are so many different songs that will relate to different people in different moments for different things. You cant really do that. The Tedeschi Trucks Bands latest studio release is a quadruple album, conceptually orbiting 12th-century Persian poet Nizami Ganjavis Layla And Majnun, which will be released in four chapters, each accompanied by companion films directed by Alix Lambert. He took a soldering iron and wrote his name in cursive on the front really beautiful script. The seller is asking an arm and a leg for it. I remember hearing about her before that tour, so Oteil Burbridge and I went out front one day during sound check, and I remember being shocked at her sincerity. . It is. March 18, 2019. . Heres how it works. J.J. sat down and they met right there, on the drums, in our studio, and instantly had a chemistry. It cant all just be singer-songwriter songs. People like the spontaneity of, What are they gonna play tonight? And there are a few old Martins that we use. In the studio, Derek goes for early-1960s Fender Deluxes. Yeah, I had to get comfortable with my position, you know? How much older is Susan Tedeschi than her husband? Well, we are still working on conceptual ideas because you definitely could do that. Even when wed get done playing the new stuff and go back to some of our older stuff, it didnt have the same weight.. How did you and Derek decide who, from your band, would be brought aboard TTB? his original Coricidin bottle and this is now the slide he is currently using on tour better known as the Derek Trucks signature slide. There was no one way of doing any of them, honestly., Its fun to leave people guessing. Everybody is locked in their own little towers. The Top 11 Overdrive Pedals - 2021 Edition, 7 Best Chorus Pedals: 2021Top Picks and Reviews. Something had to give. Herbie Hancock came to the house to have Oteil, Kofi, and [Derek Trucks Band vocalist] Mike Mattison play on a song he was doing. But when youre playing through an old bass rig, you can give it whatever you want and it will deal. The concept was to keep everyone tight., With the members immersing themselves in Layla and Majnun, the creative juices quickly began flowing. Its about how theres a lot of changes going on. Id been thinking about it for a long time, and we were going to start small, but then I was thinking about the Burbridge brothers how thered be something great about having siblings and a married couple in a band. According to Trucks, that gave the recordings the energy of being onstage. The new record happened in the middle of it all, and I think its the strongest thing anybody in this band has been a part of. Its made for that tune. I thought that I was going to go in and replay my solos and stuff but just didnt get to it, so it is what it is, live on the floor! Now we will have a good 100 songs. Its a sunburst IV from 65. How many people kind of went insane during this lockdown? Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. I also love Its So Heavy, I love Made Up Mind. Calling Out To You is a really beautiful ballad. Its not hard to understand why so many people connect with, Tedeschi Trucks Bands 'I Am the Moon' Tells Laylas Side of the Story, Rig Rundown: Tedeschi Trucks Band - Premier Guitar , Tedeschi Trucks Band: All in the Family - Premier Guitar , Derek Trucks On the Best Amp Ever | Wong Notes Podcast - Premier , Top 10 Wong Notes Podcast Episodes in 2022 - Premier Guitar , Official Website of Tedeschi Trucks Band , Slave to Sirens: Lebanons First All-Female Thrash-Metal Band, Reader Guitar of the Month: Custom Yellow Active LP, Chris Shiflett Releases New Song "Dead And Gone", Gibson Custom Shop Dickey Betts SG VOS prototype No. Bath Like you were saying, a Miles Davis, he is going outside the box and he is pushing himself. Easily readable are signatures from B.B. Susan Tedeschi is active in the field of music since 1995 and she is still active in it. And how everything has to have balance, yknow. We were like, Yeah, thats great, whatever.. Susan Tedeschi (/tdski/; born November 9, 1970) is an American singer and guitarist. I have an old Gibson Roy Smeck. Well, I love Clapton, I love Hendrix, I love Duane Allman, but, technically, Derek hits fewer bad notes than all three of them (laughs)! There was a real sense of, This is our last real hang time with him. It was really nice to be in a place with our kids where none of us could go anywhere, and we actually got to spend real quality time together.. (Courtesy Caitlin Moore) This article is more than 1 year old. I would use that old Supro sometimes with that setup. Derek plays his SG and its all nice and light, and he has the double-cutaway so he has all that room to play. I take my turquoise Tele. I met her not long after that. It is a very tricky thing! Hell be like, Play it! Ill be like, Me! We could look at that poem and see a lot of parallels. Going in, my thinking was, Lets play with a bunch of different people. After a relationship, you rebound with a bunch of hot chicks (laughs)! Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Derek looks over at me and is like, Play! Im like, Oh, okay. [laughs], Its fun when, thematically, that makes sense, Trucks says. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. 1. The solos are live on the floor because theyre whats leading the track at that moment. Here is Layla, locked away in a tower, isolated, from her family and her lover, and its like, Oh my gosh! The first guitar I was really excited about was the SG, which I got when was 11 or 12. A good friend, David Drake, is really into acoustic guitars, and he started bringing instruments for me to play. I had seen her name. We want to keep learning and growing, working on new material, writing more, and learning more about each other, she added. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). There is almost a sci-fi quality to some of the record, not least because of the moon but the arrangements themselves have this sense of travel to them. How a song written in 1974 turned up on Bowie's Let's Dance and unwittingly kicked off a controversy, Taylor and Original Grain Watches team up for some very classy wrist candy incorporating the high-end acoustic brands Urban Ironbark. I mean, women, even our cycles are really in-synch with the moon and the tides and all of this stuff, literally, our bodies work off of it! Tedeschi learned how to play blues guitar in Boston from musician Tim Gearan. TTB is our dream band people who inspire us to keep pushing harder. Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks' String Sterling Heart Locket. I had never used that rig before, but theres something about being able to play low strings and getting everything you want out of them. Yeah., Well, to be specific, Circles Round The Sun has this 70s afro-futurist jazz feel to it, Miles Davis, Sun Ra. Its funny, we have a Duane and an Eric guitar, and we play them together a lot which is kinda cool. Revelator was us finding our way around in the studio, and the live record was us starting to realize the potential. That "beast" is the Tedeschi Trucks Band, an 11-piece blues-rock behemoth that Trucks co-leads with his wife, vocalist and guitarist Susan Tedeschi. This is a community-built gear list for Susan Tedeschi. And when youre thinking about a band, you have to consider chemistry and who will make it fresh and different. I was told the color was Caribbean Green when I bought mine from an authorized Fender dealer. Derek Trucks' slide guitar set up He uses a custom made . That performance was released as Layla Revisited Live at Lockn in May 2021. They were gorgeous then but I think they are going to be even better live Unless its maybe really psychedelic with a lot of layers on it, but then we can recreate a lot of that stuff live, too.. When J.J. showed up, we were rehearsing and Tyler was on one of the drum sets, but J.J. sat behind the other and, before any introductions were even made, fell right into the fold. One of these days, Ill get into it. The Mighty Space is a . It is, and its really nice that Derek gives me moments because honestly he doesnt have to. Fender Stratocaster Sennheiser e 906 Supercardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphone, Celestion G12M Greenback 12" 25-Watt Speaker 8 Ohm, Find relevant music gear like guitar rig, amplifier setup, effects pedalboard, and other instruments and. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). Do you use any vintage SGs? PG 's John Bohlinger caught up Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, and Tim Lefebvre of the Tedeschi Trucks Band before their 3-show residency at the Ryman in Nashville. And whos gonna sit in! It can really changes someones life or make them think, Wow! Shervin Lainez. Doyle wrote it with us and came up with the melody, drums, bass, everything. Whittle the subject to just guitarists, and the truth remains two are often better than one. Its just really amazing how it ties in.. Especially with people like Derek or Kebbi [Williams, saxophone] improvising, or with Gabe on keyboards, like you were saying, things can really go anywhere at any time, and that is the great thing about it. Its something that seems like it could only have been made in the 70s. Not really. Although they use similar amps, Tedeschi and Trucks take wildly different approaches to their sounds. So I thought having somebody she felt really comfortable with would be great because, standing up front and being the lead singer, she needed total confidence. TDPRI, short for Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue, is the leading online community and marketplace for Telecaster guitars. Plus, we have so much in common, musically we both love soulful R&B, blues, gospel, American roots music, and obviously, we share a love of jazz. It is about 4 min 30 secs into Pasaquan where you switch things up, and its like the stargate sequence in 2001: A Space Odyssey, there is a transition thats almost inter-dimensional. As their fans know, Tedeschi, whod built her career on stinging Tele tones and one of the most soulful blues voices in modern music, and Trucks, an electric slide prodigy who first made waves as a solo artist before joining the Allman Brothers Band, met in 1999, fell in love, married, and started a family. Theres a song on one of the records called DGary, which was originally a really cool guitar thing that Derek had written, and interestingly enough we named it after DGary, this famous Madagascan guitar player. If you set yourself with a lot of people smarter than you, whether in a class or a band, you do better things. the original designer, is well known for his signature pedals designed for Greg Koch, Jeff Kollman, and more. Is it set up standard or do you have to do any modifications to play slide on it? The band had already been examining the musical side of these works and had recorded a live rendition of the Layla album, with guest Trey Anastasio, at the 2019 Lockn Festival. There has been some maturation. I dont know Maybe! Guys, play it again. GuitarPlayer is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. I was backing Ace Moreland, a blues musician from Oklahoma who was living in Jacksonville, and we were playing at this South Beach bar called Tropics International, and the Allman Brothers were there, recording their reunion record 89, maybe 90, somewhere in there. That is one thing that is also special about this band is that it brings people joy. Susan Tedeschi used this guitar in the recording studio and on tour. Tedeschi's music naturally gives itself to a live setting. I like the idea of the birth of a song being captured on tape. So, it felt a lot more like it feels onstage when were exploring., While many songs were brought in by individual band members, Tedeschi agrees that the relaxed, open environment was crucial to the songwriting process. In 1993, she formed a band Susan Tedeschi Band together with Tom Hambridge and Adrienne Hayes and learned to play blues guitar in Boston from musician Tim Gearan in 1995. We can deal with this.. On that one, I never even had to go in and re-sing it; I just didnt think I would run out of time where I wouldnt be able to go back and do it, but it is a beautiful thing when you are actually hearing the birth of the song. Derek's backline consists of a trio of Fender Super Reverbs: a '64, '65, and a '66. When it went down, I thought about the Allman Brothers. We already have a good 75, 85 songs that we pull from on a night. Were gonna do that with bass players. When "Guitar Player Staff" is credited as the author, it's usually because more than one author on the team has created the story. Diversity. For sure, I thought he was trying to go out with that, so you could say sci-fi for sure, yeah. Were you surprised? Get to know the technology behind the next generation of effects plugins. Was there much adjustment for you in the transition from solo act? "This is Artist Proof number four. We are made of water. The Tedeschi Trucks Band powerhouse is a star in her own right. [Laughs] And were emotional creatures. But Derek bought both; hes insane! But also being very down to earth too. Meanwhile, Mike Mattison, TTB vocalist and guitarist, was immersing himself in the seventh-century poem Layla and Majnun, credited to Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi, and the 1970 album it inspired, Derek and the Dominos Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. Sometimes he is tucked away in those pretty lines, and theyre really beautiful, and other times its like a big ol semi truck coming at you. A lot of people! I think we were all of one mind that the way records used to be made, where a great album would last between 30 and 40 minutes, was a much better approach from an artistic point of view. From the opening lyrics, you can tell that this catchy ballad is all about love. That seems to be the best way., Though Trucks thick tone and inimitable slide work are all over nearly every song, Tedeschis rhythm playing drives the whole project. You can do so many things with it.. I remember hanging out with Doyle Bramhall a lot on the Clapton tour we did together, and he recommended J.J. Johnson as a drummer. Their chemistry said it all. Jeff Beck tribute concert featuring Eric Clapton, Johnny Depp and more to take place this spring. Derek and Susan play lots of great guitar, too. It was a pretty great moment, and there was total musical respect two people who listened, no jockeying for position and it has remained that way. Derek had a couple of drummers in mind, too, so we gave them a shot. And Mattison wanted to give it a twist. You met Susan when she was opening for ABB, right? As front-woman for the Tedeschi Trucks Band, Susan Tedeschi mines the singular vein of potent blues she became famous for as a solo artist in the late 90s. Yeah, pretty nervous. No one makes records like I Am The Moon anymore, that is, if any one ever did. The program is a good one; featuring her regular band, this set juxtaposes a nice collection of . I have a Derek Trucks signature model SG signed by him, and am dying to get a Susan Tedeschi . You filled his spot on the album with some great players Sporting a full horn section, backup singers, and two drummers, the TTB is equal parts Memphis soul, Southern rock, and Delta blues. The 335 on a few of the tunes, like the solo stuff on Part of Me and All I Need. Doyle Bramhall (II) is playing the same 335 on the main rhythm of Part of Me. The acoustic stuff is a converted 30s Martin 0-17H on Im Calling Out To You..
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