Everything you need on your bed

The ultimate bed is not just a bed, it’s like a little resort right in your bedroom. The sleek modern design, customization, and good-looks ensures that this ultimate bed will look amazing in your home, no matter what else you have in it.

The Best Bed Ever.

The Best Bed ever packed with amazing features including a massage chair. Looks like you’ll have to simply take up a permanent residence in it and that sounds awesome. With this bed, you can get a speaker system built right into the side of the bed along with bookshelves and even a safe.  Additionally, for those who prefer working on a laptop right in their bed, you can have a pop-up desk slide out of the armrest.

If you’d rather read your favorite book curled in a cozy blanket you can use the built-in reading lamp. Let’s not forget about the charging station that also comes as a feature of this bed.

The bed has a foot-stool that opens up for extra storage

This foot stool is actually modular so you can move around and connect with each module where you’ll want it the most. For example you can move the foot stool to the side of the bed, or move the massage chair to the opposite side of the bed. You’ll end up making this an island that you’ll never want to leave.

Ultimate Bed Features

  • an integrated music system with bluetooth
  • an integrated bookshelf
  • a built-in safe to keep your valuables next to you while you sleep
  • a built-in reading light
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Some Other Bed Features

  • a pop-up desk that you can setup to work right in bed,
  • a built-in safe to keep your valuables next to you while you sleep
  • and even a remote to control the massage chair.
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The Ultimate Bed also has:

  • an area to plug-in and charge your devices while you sleep
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Choose Your Favorite Color

The ultimate smart bed comes in several different colors to choose from:

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This is the coolest and most comfortable bed ever.

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